Final Project Notes


As we go through the semester, I’ll be using this section to add some additional information about the final project. For now, you can find the deadlines associated with the project on our syllabus and steps for the initial vignettes in the final project instructions.

Projections and Data Storage

I highly recommend using a geographic coordinate system for storing your data prior to uploading it to ArcGIS Online. Some projected coordinate systems may not map appropriately. Storing your data as a .geoJSON file as opposed to a shapefile will also make uploading data easier.


You can use hyperlinks in media captions or the sources are at the bottom of the StoryMap to link to your original source material for media included in your StoryMap.

Peer Reviews

Sample peer reviews are included under Module 4 on Blackboard, and a sample response to reviewer letter is included under Module 5 on Blackboard. Students in SOC 5650 should include a response to reviewer letter with their final project submission.